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A little bit about myself

About me

I´ve been a professional photographer for 9 years and after having traveled to various places, eaten various foods and met extraordinary people, I have to say that the most important thing in my life regarding my job is not what I have photographed, but what I have felt in each of these situations. And if I can get that feeling across to a few of you through one of my pictures, then I´ll have accomplished something.

Published Work
My work has recently been featured in a number of publications and websites including:
  • Time Out Melbourne (Australia)
  • Travel + Escape (Canada)
  • Food & Wine (USA)
  • National Geographic Traveler (USA)
  • Departures Magazine (USA)
  • Lonely Planet (Brazil)
  • Tourism Australia and Tourism Victoria (Australia)
  • Rhapsody - United Airlines Magazine (USA)
  • Menu (Food magazine – Brazil)
  • Claudia (Food magazine – Brazil)
  • Azul Airlines Magazine (Brazil)
  • TAM Airlines Magazine (Brazil)
  • Próxima Viagem (Travel magazine – Brazil)
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